Mindrolling – Raghu Markus & David Silver – Ep. 94 – Open Your Heart in Paradise with Duncan Trussell

Open Your Heart

Recorded live at the 2014 ‘Open Your Heart in Paradise’ retreat in Maui, Raghu is joined by fellow Mindpod patron, Jack Kornfield, as well as the podcast guru himself, Duncan Trussell. The power trio chats about Duncan’s initiation into the Satsang, the sustainability of Dharma power, and the technology-fueled future of spirituality.

  • Origin Stories – Raghu explains the synchronistic circumstances that led to his initial encounter with Duncan
  • Ram Dass Rebellion (Duncan’s initiation) – Duncan describes his youthful attempts to ignore the Ram Dass lectures his Mom would listen to. He eventually rediscovered the material, and recognized the significance of his early exposure
  • Power in the Service of Love – Raghu highlights the efforts and interests of folks like Duncan, and many others, in helping spread the message of the Love Serve Remember Foundation. The teachings of Neem Karoli Baba are now reaching such a diverse audience
  • The New LSD (Instantaneous transmission) – The all pervasive nature of the internet has freed so much information from the confines of the word-of-mouth marketing of the past
  • Dharma Power (‘Clean energy’) – Jack Kornfield asks Duncan for his take on the power of Dharma – it’s green friendly!
  • Chogyam Trungpa (‘Kind of a downer’) – Duncan asks how to avoid attachment to the spiritual high that often accompanies these retreats
  • Selfish Altruism (Good or bad?) – If you wait until you are ‘sufficiently’ enlightened before you start helping others, you may miss some real opportunities for growth. If the right intention is in place, then you’re probably moving in the right direction
  • Duncan’s Experiments in Social Action – Even if the action is self-motivated in nature, it still carries the potential to break our self-cherishing patterns – it’s worth it!
  • ‘Meditate Like Christ’ – Get lost in love, and let the altruistic heart guide your actions
  • Techno-Spiritual – Duncan weighs in on the future role of technology in spirituality
  • Real Change – Our hearts must change before we really begin to see the progress we are all hoping for


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Image via Bruce Rolff