Mindrolling – Raghu Markus & David Silver – Ep. 04 – A Chat with Duncan Trussell

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 04 – A Chat with Duncan Trussell

Raghu and David chat with Duncan Trussell about comedy, awareness and the parallels between the late sixties and the Millennial generation.

Duncan Trussell is a writer, actor, and stand up comedian. He has written and appeared in sketches on Trip Tank and Drunk History, Showtime’s La La Land and HBO’s Funny or Die Presents.

Check out the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, a podcast where you can always find fresh interviews with conscious individuals from all walks of life.

Show Notes

The Podcasting Guru (Opening) – We test our perception of what a Guru can be as Raghu and David share why it is they so passionately refer to Duncan as their “Podcast Guru.” They explore

“Doesn’t Ram Dass say, ‘The teacher points the way and the Guru is the way?’ In this situation, I’m definitely more teacher than Guru.” – Duncan Trussell

Indirect Transmission (9:15) – Duncan shares his own relationship with Neem Karoli Baba. He and our hosts discuss Neem Karoli’s message and the similarities between how his teachings are being so widely distributed today and the way they were first spread in the early-sixties.
A New Frontier (14:00) – We learn about Duncan’s adventures into podcasting. He describes the lessons he learned through trial and error and what it has been like about connecting to the world in a truly free way.

“When you talk about the freedom given to you by these democratized distribution systems, it’s marvelous. In my opinion, so many comedians have been pushed into the system and it deteriorated their work.” – David Silver

Caught in a Loop (31:40) – Duncan and our hosts discuss the parallels in politically and culturally between what young people in the late sixties went through and what the Millennial generation is experiencing today. They discuss why it is that we find ourselves struggling with the same issues we did back then.

“One thing to remember in all of this is that to be able to take actions that you believe support change, you have to come from a place of non-aggression and not from a place of us and them. That means a lot of work on yourself before you can do these things effectively.” – Raghu Markus  

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