Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 251 – The Surrender to Trust with Gangaji

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 251 - The Surrender to Trust with Gangaji

Raghu is joined by, author and teacher, Gangaji who shares memories of her Guru, Papaji, speaks about what it means to surrender to trust and reflects on some of the challenges encountered on the spiritual path.

Gangaji travels the world speaking to seekers from all walks of life. She shares her direct experience of the essential message from the lineage of Ramana Maharshi that she received through Papaji and offers it to all who want to discover true and lasting fulfillment. Learn more at gangaji.org.

Show Notes

Searching for Honesty (Opening) – Gangaji shares the story of her early spiritual path and how she met Papaji. She and Raghu talk about the critical elements of honesty and trust that they both found lacking in the cultures that they were raised in but found through their journeys into India.

“It was such a profound series of events that led me to Papaji and I found myself with a Guru. How perfect for my arrogant Western mind that I was certain that was not what I needed but it turned out to be precisely essential for me.” – Gangaji

The Surrender to Trust (15:40) – After her time with Papaji, Gangaji was asked to go and share what she had learned with others. Gangaji talks about her initial hesitance to teach and how quickly she found her calling doing so. She reflects on the lessons around trust and surrender that she experienced during her time with Papaji.

“The surrender to trusting, and to being carried by the force that is present in all of us, may even lead to discomfort or deprivation to some degree – but in the long run this trust is following the dictations of a profound desire.” – Gangaji

Going Directly Home (24:35) – Raghu and Gangaji talk about the diversely practiced path of Advaita Vedanta practiced by Ramanamaharshi and Neem Karoli Baba. They discuss challenges common to all spiritual paths such as spiritual bypassing, concepts of enlightenment and curbing our self-judgments and reactions.

Listen to Raghu’s conversation with Mooji around the practice of Advaita Vedanta on Ep. 172 of the Mindrolling Podcast.

The Movie of “Me” (40:35) – Every day we wake up in the starring role of an ongoing story that we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world. Gangaji reflects on how we can settle the egoic mind which crafts this story of “me” and mature into a more selfless perspective.

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Photo via Marisa S White