Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 244 – India Yatra Part Four: Returning Home

Home from their Yatra through India, Raghu sits down with Dakota Wint and Lucian Davis to reflect on their experiences and talk about some of the changes in themselves they have observed since returning.

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If you would like to join Raghu and Saraswati Markus this fall on their next Himalayan Yatra, following in the footsteps of Ram Dass, you can learn more here: Nourishing Life

Show Notes

At the End of the World (Opening) –  Lucian shares an unforgettable experience he had at a cremation ceremony in Benares after the group began their individual journeys home. The group relates this to stories that Ram Dass has told about his first experiences in the city known as “The End of the World.”

“That is one of the most intense experiences of my life. What it is to sit and watch a body burn for hours and hours… There were some incredible images that were left in my mind.” – Lucian Davis

What You Need to Get Free (16:30) – Dakota talks about the name given to him by the “The Jungle Baba.” He opens up about where he was at emotionally before the Yatra and shares the shift in his internal experience along the way. The group discusses miracles, belief and the importance of the daily practices they were given.

“Getting the name of Ganesh, a lot of dots connected with that. I think I am still holding on to my skepticism a bit, but I am somewhat open to it all more.” – Dakota Wint

See Lucian, Dakota and Raghu travel into the heart of Gwalior meet “The Jungle Baba” together for the first time: Meeting My Guru in the Jungle

The Original Gajanan

Baba Hanuman (31:55) Raghu reflects on the teachings about Hanuman that Maharaj-ji shared with him and the other Westerners. The group talks about the importance of Hanuman’s story and the power behind the practice of chant.

Check out this chant of the Hanuman Chalisa from Krishna Das: Hanuman Chaleesa

Hanuman at Taos Neem Karoli Baba Ashram

The Miracle of Love (41:15) – The group closes with a conversation about the deep impact that “The Jungle Baba” and Siddhi Ma’s unconditional love displayed had on them. Raghu reflects on the words of Larry Brilliant who was so moved by the transformative power of Maharaj-ji’s love that he experienced.

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