Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 237 – India Yatra Part Three: Welcome to the Jungle

Ep. 237 - India Yatra Part Three: Welcome to the Jungle

We check back in with Raghu and his Yatra companions, Dakota Wint and Lucian Davis, as they reflect on their experiences in the jungles of Gwalior with a very special being fondly nicknamed “The Jungle Baba.”

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If you are interested in joining Raghu, Saraswati Markus, Julie Devi Hale, and Shyama Chapin on their next Himalayan Yatra following in the footsteps of Ram Dass, you can learn more here: Himalayan Yoga Yatra

Show Notes

Welcome to the Jungle (Opening) – The group discusses their visit to the temple of a holy man nicknamed “The Jungle Baba” by his Western friends. Lucian and Dakota share the preconceptions they had around meeting someone like this and what it was like having those expectations shattered in the Baba’s presence.

“This Baba felt so normal, not ‘normal’ like us, but approachable. I had this idea of someone like him having superhuman qualities or doing magic tricks. You know, after hearing stories of these magic Babas making miracles. But, its like he is this guy who hangs out and is very expressive and sweet. There is no ‘holier-than-thou’ energy from him, there are no rules; no certain way to be.” – Lucian Davis

In The Zone (28:45) – Our travelers reflect on the feeling of being out of time and space while with the Baba. Raghu describes the heightened level of energy and quality of spiritual work that happens in the presence of this kind of being. Lucian shares what his experience with the Baba uncovered about where he is really at and where his work needs to be focused.

“With him, I have been catching myself getting lost in the moment. Getting lost in a thought about something I need to do back home and then it just goes away when I find myself watching him. It goes away when I pay attention to this Lila that is playing out in front of me and watching myself be a part of it.” – Dakota Wint

Satsang and Sharing the Love (42:55) – The group discusses the quality of community they experienced around the Jungle Baba and what it was like to share his presence with one another.

“It was so nice to sit with a being who can show me that kind of likeness to God and share that divine space. That’s the bottom line, it’s just nice to be with someone like that; it’s called love.” – Lucian Davis  

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