Mindrolling – Ep. 228 – India Yatra to the Land of the Gods

Mindrolling - Ep. 228 - India Yatra to the Land of the Gods

Recorded in the foothills of the Himalayas, Raghu interviews fellow travelers, Dakota Wint and Lucian Davis, about their experiences on the group’s Yatra through India.

This episode begins a four-part series documenting the group’s yatra through India and sharing their internal journey along the way.

“Since being introduced to Maharaj-ji, I knew the next place to go was India; to Kainchi and to meet Sidhi Ma. To come home to this place and see the roots of everything that I have grown so accustomed to and has become so ingrained in my life.” – Lucian Davis    

Show Notes

Drawn East (Opening) – Lucian and Dakota introduce themselves, sharing how their spiritual paths have led them on this yatra through India with Raghu and other members of the original Maharaj-ji Satsang.

“It’s not like I am going to find myself here, as opposed to anywhere else. I’m just dancing and the dance just happened to lead me here.” – Dakota Wint

Divine Unraveling (20:40) – The group talks about the effect that being in India has had on them so far. Lucian shares what has been like from his perspective to visit the places where so much history has taken place and so many stories that he has heard have been set.

“It has taken me a couple of days to get over that and to stop living in the past. To stop thinking, ‘Oh, this is where those other people had that other experience,’ and try to engage in practices myself so that I can have my own experiences. So that I am not just walking through a museum and then I leave.” – Lucian Davis    

Visiting Siddhi Ma (26:20) – Raghu and the group discuss their visit with Siddhi Ma and the important role that she has played in the lives of the Maharaj-ji Satsang.

“I realized that I wasn’t there so that she could give something to me, she is greater than that. I’m here so that maybe I can make her happy with my singing – so just sing and have gratitude. It’s all provided, I am just here to say thank you.” – Lucian Davis   

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