Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 212 – Jahnavi Harrison Returns!

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 212 - Jahnavi Harrison Returns!

This week, kirtan artist Jahnavi Harrison returns to talk about trust, commitment and the path of Bhakti yoga.

Hallowed Be Thy Name (Opening) – Being raised in a family that practiced chanting mantra daily, the repetition of mantra has always been a part of Jahnavi’s life. Jahnavi talks about the transformative practice of chanting and her experience working with it.

“The wonderful thing about Japa (mantra) is that it is not just about sitting in contemplation and observing the self, which has value also, but because the name is there it is not actually about me, it’s about repeating that name. It’s a divine dialog actually. Time for a private conversation with the Lord.” – Jahnavi Harrison

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Trust and Commitment (21:50) – Recently Jahnavi took a big step in her devotional practice by making formal vows within the bhakti tradition. She shares the importance of her decision to take the vows and the lessons about trust and commitment that she has learned from the experience.

“The real commitment that I see in taking that step is the surrender. Surrender to another person who is so much more advanced and really, in the highest conception, this person is a representative of God and you will try to serve them as you would God himself. That doesn’t mean that this person is the same as God, it’s kind of like the same and not the same, but you are making a commitment that now I am aligning myself with the identity of being a servant.” – Jahnavi Harrison

Discover More: Read more about Jahnavi’s experience taking bhakti vows check out her blog Little Conch.

The Elixir of Optimism (40:00) – Raghu and Jahnavi discuss Alice Herz-Sommer – who until her death in 2012, at the age of 110, was the world’s oldest known Holocaust survivor. They talk about the quality of courage and optimism that saw Herz-Sommer and others through the nightmare of the Holocaust and the example it sets for us.

Discover More: Find Alice Herz-Sommer’s whole story here.

The Art of Bending (46:00) – Jahnavi discusses her struggles with impermanence and change. She shares how her practice helps her become more flexible in the face of impermanence.

“I think that like many people; I struggle with change. Trust, surrender and having faith really helps as does learning from those who are masters at accepting change; masters at the art of bending.” – Jahnavi Harrison

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Photo via AJ Levy