Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep.156 – Think Less is More

think less

Raghu is joined by his roommate from back in the day in India, Rameshwar Das Lytton or just plain Ramesh!

Ramesh has co-authored with Ram Dass on the books Be Love Now and Polishing The Mirror. Raghu and Ramesh share stories from their time with Maharaj-ji and explore the reality of our own reactivity.

Check out Ramesh and Raghu’s conversation with Krishna Das about the Ramayana and how we can apply its lessons to our daily lives on Ep. 191 of the Mindrolling Podcast

Show Notes

Think Less, Think Better (Opening) – Raghu and Ramesh share stories from their first time in India with Maharaj-ji and discuss the New York Time’s article, “Think Less, Think Better.” They talk about the mental clutter that we all carry around with us, the effect it has on us and what mindfulness practice can do to correct the issue.

“We all fail to experience life to the fullest. Typically, our minds are too occupied with thoughts to allow complete immersion even in what is right in front of us.” – Moshe Bar, Think Less, Think Better

Methods of Mindfulness (21:45) – The pair dig deeper into the article and reflect on the way that an over-occupied mind diminishes our capacity for internal exploration.  They talk about the collection of practices and traditions they were all first exposed to back in India, all of which work to counter the habitual tendencies of the mind.

“The reaction that this author had is a classic zen experience, being completely in the moment with what was going on. The effect of clearing your mind like that, which we have all experienced moments of, is a real lightness of being and clarity. Which is something that if you stay with evolves into wisdom about living in the moment, it certainly did with Ram Dass.” – Rameshwar Das

The Emptiness Behind Form (35:00) – Ramesh and Raghu discuss some of the passages in Be Love Now about Maharaj-ji. They reflect on the role of the Guru and the cultural roadblocks we have in the West when it comes to understanding the relationship with the Guru.

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