Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 155 – Failure Free Zone with Gil Fronsdal

Raghu with Saraswati Markus hang with Gil Fronsdal- newly named Baba Gil.

Gil hails from the Insight Meditation family and was discovered by Saraswati during her long nite festivals of Dharama talks. When we talk about the difficulties people have with meditative practice Gil calls out to people to remember that it is a “failure free zone”.

We talk about the Be Here Now concept and Gil renames it “unconditional acceptance of the present moment”.
And of course the hosts inevitably have to ask about mindfulness and it’s very worldly application in these times- Gil suggests that we use mindfulness to check out our thoughts and motivations and follow and be aware of where our focus wanders.

Saraswati engages Baba Gil about the Buddhist No Self teaching which he comments on as ” the self is like wind drag- when you eliminate that drag you can become free- no self”.


Gil Fronsdal – Insight Meditation Center

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