Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 154 – Bubbles and yet…


Bubbles and yet… Raghu is joined by Duncan Trussell and Lama Surya Das at the Ram Dass Maui spring retreat live podcast session. Unfortunately, just before the session Raghu cut someone off in the bathroom line and then was reprimanded by the aggrieved party. Of course there ensued guilt and recrimination which Duncan, in his wisdom, reassured Raghu that we all can’t live up to impossible standards all the time- he then drifted into some comparison to the crucifixion….
Lama Surya Das on the other hand came to the table with exemplary explanations of the very difficult Buddhist concept of emptiness in his inimitable practical teaching style.
In the end a sense of humor and a sense of our human predicament mashed in with a sense of the possibilities of a human incarnation.