Mindrolling – Raghu Markus & David Silver – Ep. 131 – Meeting One’s Self

Meeting One's Self

Meeting One’s Self… The Mindrollers challenge a Zen sentiment that teachers are expendable, passionately citing life-transforming personal teaching guidance encountered by both of them.

They move on like madmen to the bizarre concept of stool replacement banks for micro biome worries – will Amazon ever offer “good” stool on sale? Once again, we analyze the entropic dangers of too much social media creeping into everything. Do we only know “bits and pieces” of people now? David quotes the prescient words of Seneca (the Roman humanist saint in Christ’s time) about fecklessly squandering your life away on nonsense, thereby ending life shocked and downed by suffering and mortality. From the horrors of the Coliseum to YouTube addiction, R & D investigate Western civilization’s entertainment obsession. There’s actually even more…check it out for yourself, your Self.

Photo via Flickr