Mindrolling Podcast- Ep. 110 – Imagination


Raghu misses Dave – Raghu and Duncan discuss the reality of the physical Guru vs the non – Duncan tells his sighting of Maharaji down by the river- Jared talks Gyan (intellect) yoga and Saraswati counters with Bhakti (heart) yoga- and can we measure the inner world through imagination? Duncan has the last word on the energy behind the thing we call Maharaji.

Show Notes:

– This is not a cult! – Maharaji was a wanderer, no money involved

– Roshi Joan – Suffering is the doorway, not to be avoided – Courage – Making friends with the mystery

– Physical guru isn’t necessary – (Duncan sees Maharaji at the river)

– Dada – Near and Dear (flying Hanuman) Maharaji’s rascal side

– Jared naming with Siddhi Ma – her role within the ashram

– Imagination – How can we measure the inner world?

– ‘Forget about all the miracles… the energy behind Maharaji is everything, you are constantly in his blanket, surrounded by love – it’s all the smoke rising off the incense at the eternal puja table that is Maharaji. Once you recognize that, everything turns into a miracle”

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Image via Bruce Rolff