Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 36 – Danielle Shroyer

Melanie Moser - Shakti Hour - Ep. 36 - Danielle Shroyer

Melanie shares a conversation with author and former pastor Danielle Shroyer that re-examines traditional conceptions of sin and our relationship with God.

Danielle Shroyer is an author, speaker, spiritual director, and former pastor. A founding member in the emerging church movement, Danielle served as the pastor of one of the nation’s first independent emerging communities of faith for nearly a decade. Her primary goal as a pastor was to help people going through a season of spiritual deconstruction find healthy, sustainable, and meaningful ways to reconstruct their faith.

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Show Notes

Reconnecting (Opening) – Danielle shares her background and how she came to her bold understanding of sin.

“I felt so empowered that I had found that there is this really rich tradition within Christian history, and within all the Abrahamic religions, that is so affirming in the way that I saw the world – which is that we are deeply connected to God. So for me, sin is when we lose that connection.” – Danielle Shroyer

Inner Authority (17:20) – We look at the role of authority historically held by church leaders. Danielle and Melanie talk about holding a personal connection with God and cultivating a healthy inner authority.

A Mother’s Love (34:00) – Melanie and Danielle discuss the feminine perspective in the Christian tradition and the maternal relationship that is available with God.

“We can see the Garden of Eden as a universal description of our relationship with God. There are times when we walk closely with God and there are times when we question and disobey.” – Danielle Shroyer  

A Resurrection of Faith (55:10) – Danielle reflects on the difficult shift away from a traditional religious background toward a freer relationship with God.

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