Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 22 – Tami Lynn Kent

Melanie Moser - Shakti Hour - Ep. 22 - Tami Lynn Kent

This week on the Shakti Hour Podcast, Melanie shares a conversation with Tami Lynn Kent about the energetic connection to our bodies, healing trauma and unleashing our creativity.

Tami Lynn Kent is a women’s health physical therapist, founder of Holistic Pelvic Care for women, author of Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body, Wild Creative, and Mothering from Your Center. Find out more at

Show Notes

The Bowl of Life (Opening) – Tami shares her research and therapeutic work healing trauma associated with the pelvic bowl. We learn how her combination of physical therapy and energetic work in the womb space can heal women on more than just the physical level. Melanie and Tami discuss the energetic interconnection between men and women and how different issues they face can be traced back to the womb.

“Trauma, really all it does is it breaks the flow of energy in the body. We can’t change that trauma happens, but we can repair those trauma imprints so the energy flows better.” –  Tami Lynn Kent

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Rising Vibrations (20:10) – We hear how Tami came to blend her medical practices with energy work and study of intergenerational trauma. She and Melanie discuss ways that the divine feminine can be better integrated and aligned with our bodies.

“When I started helping to fix the body it was more like, ‘The head knows better.’ Then what I evolved to was coming into this relationship with the body, the awe of the body and then actually receiving guidance from the body.” – Tami Lynn Kent

Wild Creative, Wild Feminine (33:00) Tami explores the connection between spiritual practice and where we find our creativity. She discusses what is possible when we tap into our innate creativity and feminine energy.

“I think of us as meant to co-create with that divine energy and it is bigger than us.” – Tami Lynn Kent 

Moving Forward (54:45) – As we move forward into an ever chaotic political and social climate, how can we give ourselves space to heal while also staying engaged on these levels? Tami shares practices that allow us to tune into ourselves and resonate with the world at large.

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