Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 7 – Terry Tempest Williams

Melanie Moser - Shakti Hour - Ep. 7 - Terry Tempest Williams

Author, Terry Tempest Williams, visits the Shakti Hour podcast for a conversation around wilderness, spirit, sacred rage and authentic power.

Show Notes

The Hour of Land (Opening) – The newest book from Terry Tempest Williams,” The Hour of Land: A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks,” is a collection of essays, letters and poetry which investigates our relationship with nature. Her writing is a celebration of America’s national parks which recreates the unique splendor of sites such as Big Bend and Glacier National Park. Terry shares experience traveling to these natural treasures and the deep connections she made.

“As you know, we bring our whole selves to every experience. With each national park I brought my whole being and go where my heart led me.” – Terry Tempest Williams

Sacred Rage (4:00) – A growing concern of Terry’s is the desecration of public and sacred lands by private industry. Melanie and Terry discuss transforming anger towards injustice into a sacred rage by getting in touch with the Divine Feminine.

“I do feel sacred rage. I feel this direct assault on our public commons requires direct action. What is a direct action? I think it is looking at the gifts which are ours and giving them up in the name of community. Each in our own way; each in our own time, in the places we call home.” – Terry Tempest Williams

Getting Back to Spirit (16:00) – While the issues of ecological destruction and loss of sacred land are political, Terry reminds us that they are just as equally spiritual. She shares a story from The Hour of Land which speaks to this spiritual connection between the land and the spirit.

“I think it is spiritual too. Yes, these issues that we are talking about are political and ecological, but ultimately for me as a human being, they are spiritual. It is that paradox of how do we stand with grace and still hold that fierce attention.” – Terry Tempest Williams

Practicing Our Gifts (30:10) – The two discuss the importance of being present, sticking to our practice, and using our gifts to give back to the world.

Awe is the Moment (41:00) – In describing Big Bend, Terry writes that awe she experienced there is the moment when ego surrenders to wonder. Melanie and Terry discuss the transcendental quality of these lands and the deeper implications of their destruction.

Find Terry Tempest Williams online at For more on cultivating a deeper connection to the land and spirit, check out this interview with South African shaman, John Lockley.

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