Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Episode 03 – Chanting & Awareness


“Every repetition of one of these names (mantra) is like a seed. The seeds are caught by the wind and dropped on an old house. Over time those roof tiles break up and when they get soft the seed starts to take root and they grow. All the seeds start to grow and they destroy the house like seeds will do. Rama Krishna says this house is who we THINK we are.”

Krishna Das discusses the relationship between chanting and awareness during the Heart of Devotion workshop at Princeton University. Our natural state is one of awareness, but our thoughts continuously pull us away from this presence. Chanting helps to create a sense of spaciousness by offering the mind something to focus on. Each repetition is like a seed of awareness that grows throughout the process. The practice slowly dissolves the more transient aspects of our personhood, and what’s left is the true presence in which the spirit resides.

Photo via Krishna Das