Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Episode 07 – Krishna Das Meets Duncan Trussell

“This was a big awakening moment. For recognizing that I had to get my shit together. Or else it wast going to come together.”

Krishna Das, Raghu and Duncan take a time-out from the Open Your Heart in Paradise retreat to talk about their ‘chosen’ vocations. Drugs, demons, chanting and love – little is left uncovered in this lighthearted discussion from the sacred shores of Maui.

Episode Outline:

  • Samsara (Are we all in jail?) – Buddha realized that suffering is intrinsic to life itself. Luckily, we can transcend! – But not without first accepting that it’s real
  • Drugs and Demons (Helping or Hurting?) Drugs have the ability to show you some truths about yourself and the world around you, but they don’t necessarily allow you to become that truth. At some point we each have to decide what brings us into Love, and what may be holding us back. Don’t paralyze your will power
  • Many Paths (Different strokes for different folks) – What are you drawn to? Some people do well with more rules and regulations. Identify your attachments, and what methods allow you to work with them
  • Don’t Push, Release – Practice gives us leverage to let go. We train ourselves to sit more deeply with ourselves. With chanting we get some immediate payoff, through the joy of singing, but the longer lasting effects are much more subtle, and require consistency
  • Maharaji’s Thread – Duncan explains that his connection to Maharaji comes mostly through the love he experiences from the satsang of his diciples
  • Sweeping The Inner Ashram – KD’s attachment to Maharaji made it difficult for him to begin cleansing his own heart. He eventually recognized that he had to sing in order to work with his own suffering
  • Chanting Seeds (Tearing down the house we built) – The names we chant carry energy and power. Each repetition is the planting of a seed
  • KD’s Personal Practice (Is mostly public) – Chanting is his main personal method, but it most often involves other people. He feels the most centered in the presence of others, in the gathering
  • America Runs On Duncan – Duncan describes the means by which his podcast allows him to work on himself, and simultaneously connect to the greater whole, through his audience
  • The Names (Who are they, and what do they mean?) – It’s the True nature of these beings that we call upon
  • Where Does One Begin? (With chanting) – Just dive in and see what pulls you. Don’t force it if it doesn’t fit

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