Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Episode 05 – When the Saints Come Marching In


It is only out of pure compassion that great beings make themselves available to us. They don’t require anything on the physical plane and are therefore capable of acting only in the best interest of those in need. Krishna Das expounds on this concept through stories of Maharaji and other great Saints. As a result of their profound love, and deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of it all, they remain present, to help and to heal.

“Chanting has developed into the practice that helps me enter this presence the most. Iv done all kinds of practices over the years and still do  other things. But the sheer amount of times I have chanted with people has just developed this muscle to remember.This letting-go muscle. Let go, remember, ok, come back. Over and over and over.”

Episode Outline:

– The Primacy of Grace
– Compassion of the Guru
– Necessity to honor our Karma (no matter what)
– Detoxing through Maharaji’s love
– The paradox of non-attachment

Stuff from this episode:

DVD: Krishna Das Live in New York City Vol. 1
CD: Kirtan Wallah
Books: Krishna Das: Breath of the Heart (Kirtan Central’s Chantcyclopedia series, Volume 1)


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