Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Ep. 119 – Family and the Yogic Path

With a resounding theme of family, Krishna Das leads Satsang and responds to viewer questions about the yogic path.

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Soothing Loved Ones

Krishna Das guides us back into the space of a virtual kirtan. After pouring devotional music into our open hearts, he responds to viewer questions. One audience member asks how we can help soothe our loved ones when they are near death. Krishna Das says although we can not alter their pain or state of mind directly, we can still be a loving force in their life. If initially our loved ones are not receptive to our love or caring hand, we can still share space with them. Plus, sometimes as death draws near people will open up to receive the love and support you yearn to give them. 

“You can’t change their minds, you can’t make them think about things differently than they do, but you can serve them, love them, and support them as best you can.” – Krishna Das

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Having a Family (27:24)

How can we follow the path of a Sadhu without being irresponsible to our family obligations? Krishna Das says simply, we don’t. Once you have a family, that is your karma for this life. You have to take care of your family. This is not a burden, it is beautiful. When leaving your family behind in pursuit of a Sadhu lifestyle, you will carry the weight of guilt, shame, and doubts. You will not find peace this way. The yoga path should lead to an inner calmness like an ocean without waves. Abandoning our family only creates more waves. Krishna Das suggests dealing with what our life is and living out our reality fully.

“Being surrounded by a loving family is a wonderful thing. You can make it into a loving situation if you are not trying to run away. If you think it’s just in your way, then you’re a fool. There’s no such thing as anything being in your way. Everything that is in our lives is our karmic reality. – Krishna Das

Inadequacy and Surrender (49:08)

Many of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Perhaps we did not live up to our parents standards, or perhaps we let down our spouse. No matter the cause, we need to surrender. None of us are any better than anyone else. Surrendering our woes to the guru can help alleviate our worries. Krishna Das is also a strong proponant of counseling. Therapy can help us see different perspectives and learn where our feelings of inadequacy truly stem from. Stay tuned for another heartfelt chant as we close out this episode.

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