Krishna Das – Ep. 84 – Polishing the Mirror

Krishna Das - Ep. 84 - Polishing the Mirror

Recorded live from the Omega Institute, Krishna Das shares a dharma talk around our motivations for spiritual practice and how we can work with our karma.

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Getting What We Really Want

How do all the stories that we tell ourselves – about ourselves – push us to grasp at things? What do we do when that grasping leaves us feeling unfulfilled?

“I think it all comes down to how do we get what we really want. We think we want a lot of things… Sometimes we wind up getting what we want only to find out that it is not quite what we thought – to say the least.” – Krishna Das

Polishing the Mirror (17:35)

Krishna Das speaks about what drew him so closely to Ram Dass and how that led him to India in search of Maharaj-ji. He reflects on some of the lessons he learned about working with karma while in India and reflects on the time spent with his guru.

Coming Back to the Name (44:45)

Krishna Das talks about his chanting practice and gives a behind the scenes look at his writing “process”.

“Don’t get caught in making (sacred music) sound beautiful. That’s not the point. The point is to pay attention. You can do this practice without being able to carry a tune. It is not a musical practice. There is music involved, but it is a meditative practice. It is ultimately about quieting the mind and bringing it to one point.” – Krishna Das

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Krishna Das - Ep. 84 - Polishing the Mirror


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