Krishna Das – Ep. 69 – Many Paths

Krishna Das - Ep. 69 - Many Paths

In this episode of the Pilgrim Heart Podcast, Krishna Das answers questions from a live audience about navigating the many spiritual paths available to us, shares Maharaj-ji stories and reflects on the slow blossoming of our spiritual practice.

Show Notes

Many Paths (Opening) – Krishna Das answers a question about the many paths and teachers that are out there. He looks at the need for us to each follow that path that draws us in, without judgment or expectation of what we think the fruits of that path should look like.

“Everybody has their own thing going on, life is big. Whatever works for you, you have to find that, you have to feel it is right and then you have to follow that.” – Krishna Das

Real Love (8:30) – We hear about the spiritual practices and influences KD experienced before meeting Maharaj-ji. He shares stories from his time with Maharaj-ji and talks about his connection with his Guru.

“When you fall in love, is there fear in that moment? There is a lot of stuff, there is maybe anticipation, but all you want to do is give yourself to that person. That is what it was like with Maharaj-ji” – Krishna Das

Remembering Ourselves (23:40) – Krishna Das talks about the slow unfolding of spiritual practice. He looks at the way that we uncover our true natures with spiritual practice.

“Eventually those thoughts of ‘me’ don’t arise any more and you then you recognize your true nature. Those thoughts are clouds covering the sun and when they don’t arise the sun shines. It is not like the sun isn’t shining all the time. By practicing those clouds disappear.” – Krishna Das

Krishna Das - Ep. 69 - Many Paths

Spiritual practices can help soften shame, confusion, anger, and pain. We often seek the release of meditation, yoga, or chanting and they can soothe the discomfort of fear or self-judgment. But many people get lost in what can be called Spiritual Bypass—when our spiritual identity, beliefs, or practice become a defense to avoid honestly experiencing and processing deep emotional suffering.
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