Krishna Das – Ep. 60 – Staying Connected

Krishna Das - Ep. 60 - Staying Connected

Krishna Das sits down once again with fellow spiritual seekers over a cup of chai to for conversation around staying connected with ourselves, one another and the divine.

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Show Notes

Staying Connected Despite Negativity (Opening) – How do we inspire ourselves and others to stay connected to our inner light in a world that often reinforces negativity? We can’t change the way others respond to the world, but through practice, we can affect the way in which we react. Fortunately, when we really start to change the way we interact with the world – that is what inspires others to do the same.

“As far as keeping other people connected, let’s try to connect ourselves first. As we become more deeply connected with something within ourselves then other people will feel that. All we can do is be present with people as much as we can. They will feel the difference if you’re not judging and obsessing and trying to help them, because they may be in better shape than you are, what do we know?” – Krishna Das

Commonalities Between Different Spiritual Practices (8:50) – Krishna Das addresses the commonalities between the spiritual practices of the East and West. He looks at the common thread of seeking the freedom from suffering that they all share and talks about how we can better connect with each other when we focus on our commonalities over our differences.

“Whoever is doing these practices has some longing to be free of suffering. Even if it is covered up with a story of why they are doing it, they are really trying to alleviate and dissolve their sense of separateness.” – Krishna Das

Unconditional Love And Romantic Love (17:15) – We reflect on the shortcomings of romantic love and explore why unconditional love is so important. Krishna Das asks us to appreciate romance for what it is, something beautiful but temporary, and to pursue the real love that is innate and everlasting.

“Romance is not meant to work out. Pleasure is not supposed to be forever – nor is pain. Romantic love is very much based on getting something from someone and giving something back. It’s a finite thing from one person to another. Real love lasts 24 hours a day, it’s who we are – it’s not between people.” – Krishna Das

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