Krishna Das – Ep. 57 – After Maharaj-ji

This time on the Pilgrim Heart Podcast, Krishna Das talks about the role of the Guru and the difficult lessons he learned after Maharaj-ji left his body.

Show Notes

After Maharaj-ji (Opening) – The real Guru we are looking for is not attached to any form. Krishna Das talks about the true nature of the Guru and shares the hard lessons that he learned about this after Maharaj-ji died.

“The Guru is Guru, God and self in one thing. When you meet a being who is your Guru it’s not the physical body that’s the Guru, that’s just the same thing you have. What’s different is what is in that body, the being that’s inhabiting that body, and if its a real Guru that never dies.”  – Krishna Das

Letting Go (5:25) – KD shares the powerful impact that the practice of mantra has had in his life. He teaches how the repetition of mantra brings us from our heads to our hearts and allows us to let go of any painful experience.

“The more you come back, the more you start to feel at home in your own being. You finally realize that whatever you are experiencing, you can let go of. Whatever thoughts you have that might be causing you pain, you can always let go of and when you let go you fall into yourself. You can always let go, but it takes practice.”  – Krishna Das

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Fearless (13:50) – Did KD feel any fear the first time he met Maharaj-ji? We hear what the internal experience of meeting Maharaj-ji was like and get a better understanding of where fear in the presence of an evolved being comes from.

“A Guru doesn’t want anything. A human being that you might be drawn to wants something from you and that where you feel the fear. But when you meet love, real love, there is no business involved. It’s not a relationship with a Guru because a Guru is not someone else. The Guru is you, your own true being manifested. So it’s not two things, its that love that you are and you recognize that and there is no fear because it cant be taken away from you.” – Krishna Das

Here Comes the Sun (21:35) – After decades of daily practice, what kind of changes has Krishna Das experienced in his life? KD shares the ways he has seen his life transformed through his practice.

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Photo via Krishna Das