Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 73 – Knocking on the Door of the Spiritual Heart


In this podcast, Mickey Lemle, filmmaker, and director of the Ram Dass documentary Fierce Grace talks with Ram Dass about the power of storytelling and knocking on the door of the spiritual heart.Writing sometimes doesn’t allow spiritual concepts to come across fully. Storytelling can convey the direct human experience of spirituality in a more personal and immediate way.

Join Ram Dass and Mickey Lemle as they relive their stories together.

Lemle’s film RAM DASS FIERCE GRACE, was named one of the five best non-fiction films of 2002 by Newsweek Magazine. It is a portrait of the highly influential author of Seventies classic, Be Here Now – a book that changed the lives of millions and set a whole generation on a quest for expanded consciousness and meaningful spirituality. It screened theatrically in over 50 cities across the US and was broadcast nationally on PBS in 2004.
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