Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 54 – Dukkha and Non-Self: Part Two

Joseph Goldstein - Insight Hour - Ep. 54 - Dukkha and Non-Self: Part Two

Joseph continues his exploration of the Buddha’s teachings on the interconnection between non-self and dukkha, looking at our identification with awareness itself.

Listen to the first part of this talk on Ep. 53 of the Insight Hour Podcast: Dukkha and Non-Self: Part One

Show Notes

The Last Holdout of Self (Opening) – We look at the attachment to the awareness that often develops at some point in one’s spiritual practice. Joseph shares a classical approach to being mindful of consciousness without identifying with the experience, which for some can be the final barrier between self and non-self.

“Identification with consciousness, or with awareness, can become the last hideout of self. In one way or another, we want to begin the investigation of how to be mindful of the knowing, of awareness or of consciousness, without identifying with it. Allowing it to fulfill its function of cognizing and realizing that this aspect of the experience, the knowing mind, also arises out of conditions and is not self.” – Joseph Goldstein

A New View (9:25) – Joseph looks at the Insight Meditation practice of the Purification of View, which provides perspective on the unfolding of consciousness. He shares another approach to cutting our identification with awareness from the Zen tradition.

I, Me and Mine (18:00) – What would happen if we were not conditioned to add the filter of “I”, “me” and “Mine” to our experience? Joseph looks at what the Buddhist teachings around rebirth can inform us about the language we use to define experience.

“I think one of the places that people get caught up in has to do with exploring and integrating two levels of truth, the relative and ultimate levels. The understanding of non-self, the impersonal play of aggregates, is on one level. On another level, there is ‘me’ and there is you and we are relating with a certain identity and history of experience. These two levels are happening together.” – Joseph Goldstein

The Simple Mind (24:10) – Joseph shares food for thought to reflect on when we find ourselves overwhelmed by all that is going on in our own mind.

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