Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 52 – A Methodology of Wisdom


This week on the Insight Hour Podcast, Joseph investigates the methodology of mindfulness that cultivates wisdom and moves us towards happiness.

This is part of a continuous dialog around mindfulness. If you missed it, be sure to listen to the first part of this talk: What is Mindfulness?

A Methodology of Wisdom (Opening)

Joseph examines the question of what we are learning from our mindfulness practice and how we can utilize that wisdom in our lives to dramatic effect.

“As our understanding and experience of mindfulness deepens, we begin to see that it’s a methodology for answering one of life’s most basic questions – one of them being, ‘How can I be happy?” – Joseph Goldstein

Concept and Practice (23:00)

We look at the difference in conceptually understanding the methodology of mindfulness and intimately experiencing the direct effect that our thoughts, words and actions create. Joseph explores the subtle layers of what we can learn from our mindfulness practice.

 “One of the things we can learn from being mindful is to pay attention when we are feeling aversion or anger. What does it feel like? You want to look at it as objectively as possible, not involving it with self-judgment or blame. The mindfulness is just a way of understanding the nature of these feelings.” – Joseph Goldstein

The Truth of Change (47:40)

We can take the question of what leads to happiness one step further by asking ourselves what it is that leads to freedom. Joseph looks at how mindfulness can drop us directly into the ever-changing flow of life. He shares a practice that allows us to put this concept into practice.

“Not seeing things arising and passing away is ignorance, while seeing all phenomena as impermanent is the doorway to all of the stages of insight and awakening.” – Ledi Sayadaw

Image via Jorm S