Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 4 – Mystery & Compassion

Jack discusses the fundamental mystery that is our human incarnation, and the methods we can utilize to stay close to that immense presence.

Witnessing the Mystery (5:37)

After an introduction by David Silver, Jack’s talk begins with a story about living in a monastery. He discusses everything that one can notice without the distractions of modern life. While at the monastery, Jack was opened to the rhythm and mystery of the natural world through witnessing things such as the stars in the sky or the sun at dawn. In a practice of meditation, we too can begin witnessing the mystery of life and experience every moment as a miracle.

“In some fundamental way, to meditate isn’t to have some special meditative experience. But to come back to the mysterious experience of being alive, that we take for granted”

Finding Light in Darkness (15:06)

We listen to Jack discuss the dark of winter and how it is the perfect time to find inner light. In Buddhist tradition darkness can be looked at as fertile. It is a sacred time of wonder, growth, and re-birth. Even in a time where things seem arid or desolate, we can still foster our practice and in time we will bloom.

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The Miracle of Awakening (25:03)

Jack says that there are a number of miracles discussed by the Buddha, but the real miracle is the miracle of awakening. What helps us all open our senses and see that miracle of being alive will differ. Perhaps it is climbing a mountain, or fully experiencing the texture of an egg. What brings you back into the space of awakening? Meditation is an invitation to be where you are. 

“It is beautiful to watch people on retreats…they get quieter and more present. They start to walk like two year-olds and look at the little sticks on the ground and smile at the trees. It is fabulous just to be alive, to really see.

Enchantment with the World (36:30)

Jack shares a story which ends with a wild bear breast feeding a delicate child. It incites us to notice the beauty and generosity happening all over if we choose to be welcome to it. We can re-envision an enchantment with the world even when it seems dark. If we remember mystery and wonder in the midst of stress and confusion, we can be unstoppable. 

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