Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 167 – The Perfection of Truthfulness

Leaning into the qualities of an awakened heart, Jack Kornfield teaches us the perfection of truthfulness and how it will set us free.

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The Part That Wants to Awaken 

There is a part of us that already knows who we really are. Deep within, that part inherently wants to awaken. This inner knowing takes us on a journey of discovery as we inch closer and closer to truth. If we are to awaken and live with integrity, we must see ourselves as we are and see all things as they are. The capacity to see everything just as it is will bring us freedom.

“If we are to find that which is unshakeable in ourselves it means that we have to look at the world and at our own heart with a steady gaze and a deep kind of honesty.” – Jack Kornfield

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Levels of Truth (22:59)

In a society that does not promote the truth among its citizens, government, or economy, we have to work hard on our individual honesty. Sometimes that may mean something quite surface-level. Jack says that there are levels of truth. We may see the truth of someone’s personality, their job, and their costume. Or, we may see a deeper, soul level of truth. Meeting someone in their true spirit, from our true spirit, allows everyone to be fully seen.

“That capacity to see one another deeply is part of what it means to see the truth and to tell the truth. Who are we really?” – Jack Kornfield

Truth and Compassion (40:01)

Speaking with brutal honesty is not the truth, it is superficial. However, it is wise to say the truth, even when it is difficult, if we keep compassion in our hearts and speak for the benefit of all. Intention and graciousness make all the difference. Tell everyone the truth, be honest with yourself, and hold grace in your heart because none of us knows how long we have on this earth.

“The truth really becomes married with compassion and our words then become a part of something that awakens not just ourselves but everybody else.” – Jack Kornfield 

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