Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 101 – The Dragon and the 10 Gowns

Jack Kornfield - Heart Wisdom - Ep. 101 - The Dragon and the 10 Gowns

On this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack shares a story of transformation as he talks about how to be in this human incarnation and navigate the river of impermanence. 

The Dragon and the 10 Gowns

Don’t forget who you really are. Jack tells the story of the dragon and the princess who wore 10 wedding gowns, for a very good reason. He breaks down lessons from the story about being enchanted, and how returning to your original nature can be difficult. 

“There’s a way in which we get enchanted by the world, by its needs, by what you’re supposed to be, by all the obligations that you have.” – Jack Kornfield

Interdependence (15:21)

Jack tells a story that illustrates the constant nature of change and how it’s dualistic to be trapped in a human incarnation. He talks about how meditation connects you to the interdependent flow of the universe, dissolving the sense of separateness and solidity.

“Colors and lights become pixelated, and sounds become vibrations, and the body isn’t solid.” – Jack Kornfield

The River of Impermanence (27:21)

Jack explores how one of the qualities of being incarnate is that everything is in a constant state of change. You can hold on tight, or you can trust in renewal. The river of impermanence is an invitation to become present.

“You start to see that life is actually a river, or process, and you can’t go back. It’s one way, you’re going downstream.” – Jack Kornfield

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dragon and the 10 gowns

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