Jack Kornfield – Ep. 45 – Stories from an Awakened Heart

Awakened Heart

Jack offers tales of tenderness that remind us of the qualities of faith and compassion which move us in the direction of freedom.

What resources can we bring to a world of conflict that might allow us to live in the reality of the present with an openness and trust that what needs to be healed will be done through love? In coming to rest in the space of calm and kind attention that grows in meditation, we learn to listen with the heart and move with the inspired energy that follows.

 “It is the truth that liberates, and not our efforts to be free.”- Krishnamurti

Show Notes

00:35 – The spirit of listening, about how to be open to answers rather than constantly seeking answers.

01:20 – Jack starts with a story about what happens when we begin to attend to our life with respect and mindfulness that grows through meditation. Remember, meditation isn’t an end in itself, it is a way to connect to something deeper. When we transform our heart, we can transcend unimaginable limitations.

2:50 – Tenzen, an old Tibetan refugee suffering from cancer, finds himself unable to receive conventional treatments. Discharged from the hospital, he is sent home to die in peace. Tenzen is visited regularly by a hospice nurse who is determined to help Tenzen heal.

6:50 – Inspired by Tenzen’s love and compassion, his nurse experiments with incorporating healing practices from Tibet to his treatment. This act of love snowballs into a community-wide effort to help Tenzen. Their love is felt and their efforts prove fruitful. Tenzen’s condition quickly improves and the doctors announce that his cancer had gone into remission.

10:00 – In a world of loss betrayal and conflict, there is always another way beyond forceful retaliation. Jack shares a lesson from the Dalai Lama, who was more willing to step down before agreeing to the use of violence.

12:40 – To truly live a life of forgiveness and compassion, incredible courage is required. Courage to  have faith in the face of despair.

16:00 –  We are always held back by our fears and limitations. We must learn to listen and trust our heart, despite the messages we hear from the outside.

18:20 – The great mindfulness, allowing ourselves to have an awareness of what rises and falls inside us like the waves of the ocean.

19:20 – Jack shares a story from his personal life about honesty.

23:30 – One more story about struggling with truth and suffering. An example of how being honest can set us free.

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