Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 55 – Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg

On this episode of the Indie Spiritualist, Chris is joined by Sharon Salzberg to talk about her newest book “Real Love.”

Chris shares some of his favorite excerpts from “Real Love” and discusses with Sharon the different ways we can cultivate real love in our own lives.


Show Notes

Love isn’t a Feeling, It’s an Ability (Opening) – A big inspiration for “Real Love” came from a line out of the film “Dan in Real Life” with Steve Carell. Sharon discusses the realization that she, like many of us, saw love almost as a commodity, something that can be given and taken away, instead of an ability we all can exercise. She and Chris discuss the many forms that love can take.

“We tend to narrowly define what the feeling of love should be. There may be quieter kinds of love, or there may be different expressions of love, or there may just be a powerful sense of connection that isn’t about being in a relationship with somebody long-term.” – Sharon Salzberg

The Hardened Heart (9:20) – There are times in life when we reject love and harden our heart in defense of loneliness and heartbreak.

“Some of us decide we are through with love because it takes much more from us than it ever gives back. At those wounded moments when we need love, a hardened heart can seem like the best defense.” – an excerpt from “Real Love

Real Love (17:50) – In “Real Love,” Sharon writes about love not just being an ability that some people are gifted with, but one we all possess and can create the conditions to cultivate. Chris and Sharon discuss this concept and others, such as self-love and the narratives we identify with, which are addressed in Sharon’s newest book.

Loving-Kindness (30:45) – Metta or loving-kindness meditations have been a cornerstone of Sharon’s practice and teachings. She and Chris talk about what loving-kindness meditation is and what the practice has to offer.

“Loving-kindness is basically a way of paying attention differently. The question is what do we pay attention to?” – Sharon Salzberg

Changing the Narrative (45:00) – How do we re-write our stories and learn to turn our lives around? Sharon discusses how we can use mindfulness and loving-kindness practices to see the stories we tell ourselves and change those that we default to.

For more on the topic of real love, check out the Real Love series over at Sharon’s Metta Hour podcast.


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