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HeartMind iOS App

The HeartMind app brings the fundamental wisdom of the Be Here Now Network into your daily life.
Discover teachings from Jack Kornfield,
Ram Dass, Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Joseph Goldstein, Lama Surya Das and many more insightful teachers.

HeartMind is a comprehensive smartphone Hub to help you cultivate perspectives and methods that will guide you on your day-to-day spiritual path.

Wisdom, Meditation and Mindfulness on the go

HeartMind can be tailored to you.

Receive daily guided meditations
 to start your day from a place of balance.

Explore a variety of life topics to gain insight into transforming your challenges.

Check out the Life in Balance in-app course, a two hour virtual retreat featuring Ram Dass, Sharon Salzberg, Roshi Joan Halifax, Jack Kornfield, Krishna Das, Lama Surya Das and more. 

Why should I have it?

- Stream any BHNN podcast within the app, even while you're reading an article.
- Wisdom page features search by topic or teacher for focused guidance.
Practice offers guided meditation, chant, mantra, and yoga.
Search meditations and lessons for your mood or method, including a meditation timer.
Push notifications for new podcasts, articles, or scheduled meditations.
- ​A Discovery page to explore wisdom and insight from a legendary group of teachers.
Exclusive teacher course - “Life in Balance” available now as an in-app purchase.


In case you're wondering...

How much does it cost?
It's 100% Free! Go forth and spread kindness!

Is the app compatible with iOS?
Yes! It's compatible for both iPhone and iPad! 

Download it from the iOS App Store or search "HeartMind" (all one word).

Is the app available for Android?
Not yet. Stay tuned for updates about an Android version.

Where can I learn more about the Be Here Now Network and its teachers?
Easy, visit us online at