Gil Fronsdal – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 34 – To Be Here, Now

To Be Here

This time on the BHNN Guest Podcast, Gil Fronsdal shares a reflection on the simplicity and availability of the moment, the here and now.

Show Notes

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We Are Here (Opening) – How often do you take the time to rest in the simplicity that exists within? Even in meditative practice, we have the tendency to eventually want to wrestle with our body and our mind. Gil reminds us of the simplicity that is available to us at all times and reflects on ways that we can point ourselves back to that place.

“It can be a profound statement to recognize or to say, ‘We are here.” – Gil Fronsdal

Just Listen (18:00) – By listening to others, we encourage them to listen more closely to themselves. Gil reflects on the possibility of turning others towards there own inner wisdom and simplicity; not through words of wisdom of our own, but through the depth and quality of our attention to them.

Here, Where It All Begins (34:35) – If we want to find freedom and presence in the here and now, we must be aware of the sensations that arise within us and how we react to them. Gil looks at the origination of our thoughts and offers practices that allow us to slow our emotional response to what arises.

“It is hard to be with some of these sensations, they are uncomfortable and we react or they are comfortable, blissed out sensations, and we get attached. Emotions can be all over the map and our reactions can difficult.” – Gil Fronsdal

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