Francesca Maximé – ReRooted – Ep. 6 – Pat Ogden

Francesca Maximé – ReRooted – Ep. 6 - Pat Ogden

Francesca Maximé sits down for a conversation with somatic psychologist Pat Ogden about applying mindfulness towards the ways that our bodies and minds relate to trauma.

Pat Ogden, PhD, is a pioneer in somatic psychology. Pat is both Founder and Education Director of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. An internationally recognized school specializing in somatic–cognitive approaches for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and attachment disturbances. Learn more at

Getting Unstuck with Mindfulness

Pat talks about the Embedded Relational Mindfulness practice that uses with her clients. Francesca and Pat talk about how mindfulness can be used to bring awareness to our experiences.

“The way that we organize experience drives the content of our lives.” – Pat Ogden

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Standing Tall (7:15)

Francesca and her guest discuss our relationship to past trauma. How does trauma relate to the posture of the body? What is the potential for Relational Mindfulness to address trauma linked to our bodies?

Relational Alchemy (27:35)

Pat speaks about the principles that guide our lives. What is the importance of acknowledging and working with these unique principles?

“I think therapists don’t really consider the philosophical and spiritual principles that inform the context that we work in.” – Pat Ogden

What Privilege Means (41:15)

How do the issues of privilege and race factor into trauma and how we relate to experience? Pat and Francesca look at how progress in this area relates to our individual and collective journey of awakening.


Images via Kelsey McDonnell and Byron Clinic