Ethan Nichtern – The Road Home – Ep. 25 – Solving the Puzzle with David Nichtern

creativity and spirituality

Ethan welcomes back David Nichtern to the Road Home to talk about creativity, spirituality, and livelihood, and how we can fit together the pieces of our life puzzle. 

David Nichtern’s new book, Creativity, Spirituality & Making a Buck, comes out on October 8th – click here to order. He is the host of the Creativity, Spirituality & Making a Buck podcast on the Be Here Now Network. If you’d like to learn more about him, visit

A Creative Livelihood

Ethan welcomes back his father, David Nichtern, also known as Grandpa Nudgy, to talk about how his new book came to be. They discuss the confluence of creativity, spirituality, and livelihood, and how it’s okay for spiritual people to desire money.

“There’s nothing wrong with a dollar bill, that’s all in your mind. If you think money is dirty or bad, that’s ‘cause of how you handle it. There’s nothing intrinsically anything about it, it’s a medium of exchange, and it’s an important one in the way we live.” – David Nichtern

Make Some Mistakes (20:24)

What do you learn from your mistakes? David talks about how this is crucial, especially in the business world. Ethan asks about the inspiration for the cover of David’s book as they discuss what an integrated being looks like.

“Really, the essence of the Buddhist teaching and transmission is do it now, right now. And if I say that to people listening, I’m serious about. Do it right now, wake up right now.” – David Nichtern

David Nichtern explores the meditative mind with Daniel Goleman
Puzzles and Practices (40:02)

Ethan asks David to describe daily practices for spirituality, creativity, and livelihood. He implores everyone to try the workbook that comes along with the book as a way to help put the puzzle pieces of your life together.

“Overcoming laziness is probably the biggest obstacle for many creative people… That’s true for spiritual practice too.” – David Nichtern

creativity and spirituality

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