Dr. Robert Svoboda – Living With Reality – Ep. 3 – Ayurveda Right Now

Dr. Robert Svoboda - Living With Reality - Ep. 3 - Ayurveda Right Now

How can the principles of Ayurveda bring healing in this time of pandemic and social turmoil?

Dr. Robert Svoboda offers a reflection on why we need Ayurveda right now to restore balance to our being and the world we inhabit.

Why Ayurveda? Why Right Now?

Dr. Svoboda looks at the origins of Ayurveda and its role in supporting humanity as it has developed. He explores the interrelation between our biology and the communities that we live in. How can Ayurveda restore the balance between our form and our environment?

“This has been something that has been happening in urban populations for thousands of years. Plagues of all types have destroyed cities, weakened countries, and have influenced the course of human events in many ways. Ayurveda focuses on individuals, but it also addresses the question of epidemics. It emphasizes that there comes a time in the life of a human society where events will be moving in a direction that will encourage some sort of epidemic or pandemic to occur.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

In This Together (10:15)

COVID-19 effects our entire species, everyone is touched by it on some level. Dr. Svoboda examines how well-intentioned choices have created the conditions for global pandemics to happen. How have we created an imbalance in both our internal microbiome and the microbiome of the environments we inhabit? What can we all do in this moment to go back to the basic principles of dealing with health and wellbeing?

The Tipping Point (16:00)

When our internal systems are out of balance, our entire being becomes out of balance. Dr. Svoboda speaks about how we can see this same principle play out in all areas of life, like social justice. He offers a practice that we can do each day to bring ourselves back into alignment.

“Upheaval in society is similar to what happens when there is a disease in an organism. It has to manifest and equanimity has to return.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

Dr. Robert Svoboda - Living With Reality - Ep. 3 - Ayurveda Right Now


Images via Inner Self and USA Today