Danny Goldberg – Ep. 7 – Sara Davidson

I asked David Silver to join me in this podcast as he, Sara Davidson and I have been friends for many decades yet we have rarely all been in a room at the same time.

Since the nineteen seventies, Sara has provided a unique journalistic bridge between various kinds of new age and traditional spirituality and the worlds of American literature of journalism.

Sara did one of the first in depth articles on Ram Dass for Ramparts Magazine in 1971. (“Baba Ram Dass: The Metamorphic Journey of Richard Alpert”) Her most recent book is “The December Project” based on two years of conversations with Reb Zalman-Schacter Shalomi the founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement contemplating and leading up to his death.

Sara is also the author of the novel “Loose Change” which was later turned into a TV mini-series and “Joan: Forty Years of Life, Loss, and Friendship with Joan Didion,” as well as a half dozen other books and dozens of articles for magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, Newsweek, and Rolling Stone.

Sara also has written and produced a number of television series. She created the series “Jack and Mike and Heartbeat” and she was the co-executive producer of “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”.

For more info on Sara and her work go to saradavidson.com