Danny Goldberg – Ep. 32 – Bobby Miller Returns

Bobby Miller Returns

This is my second podcast with Bobby Miller, who maintains dual citizenship in the worlds of media and that of the spirit.

In the professional realm, Bobby’s many talents including that of a poet and a photographer. Bobby’s most recent book is “A Down State Of Mind: NYC 1973-1983.” My connection to Bobby Miller originates from the fact that we are both students of Hilda Charlton, a spiritual teacher I first heard about for Ram Dass and who continues to inspire me daily. Hilda passed on in January 1988 but I feel her daily and many of her teachings, tapes and other info can be found at Hildacharlton.com.

Show Notes

Rethinking our Reactions (Opening) – Bobby discusses his feelings about what has been going on in American politics. He shares how the practices he learned from Hilda Charleton have allowed him to approach the situation with non-reaction and quick adjustment.

We don’t have the ability to change everything in the world, but we do have the ability to meet the world’s problems from a place of love. Danny and Booby talk about engaging in social while in a place of love.

“Non-reaction and quick adjustment are great tools to use in your everyday life; whether you are dealing with a disgruntled boss, family member or stranger. It’s like a muscle where you practice non-reaction and so you find yourself simply observing and watch it all go by.”

Documenting the Past (15:00) – In “Downtown State of Mind” Bobby documents a particular period of 1970’s NYC art and culture. Bobby talks about writing the book and his experiences as a photojournalist. He and Danny share their thoughts on moving from the 1960’s into the 70’s and 80’s.

LBGTQ in the 60’s (30:00) – Bobby sheds light on the topic of gay rights and the 1960’s hippie movement. He and Danny talk about the lack of equality for the burgeoning LBGTQ community at the time.

Getting Older (37:30) – The two reflect on their current stage of life. They discuss lessons they have learned along the way that are valuable to us all.

“When I fail, I try to take it apart and figure out how to do better. That dialog is one that only comes from a life that is dedicated to growth, development and becoming more conscious.”

More about Bobby’s work can be found here. Check out Bobby’s last visit to Rock & Roles here.

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