Danny Goldberg – Ep. 11 – Ione Skye

Ione Skye embodies my definition of a renaissance person with many intellectual, artistic, and personal sides to her personality. However many people who were teenagers in the late nineteen-eighties will always know Ione best for her portrayal of John Cusack’s love object “Diane” in the film Say Anything. In the intervening years Ione has been in more than sixty films and TV episodes.

Daughter of sixties icon Donovan, Ione is a great lover of music and is married to one of my clients, the Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee. They live with their two daughters in Los Angeles.

Ione has also directed several films and is the author of the children’s book My Yiddish Vacation which was published in 2014. She is also a painter. She painted a stunning Krishna which is in my office facing me every day I’m there.

Check out her artwork here: http://www.ioneskyepaintings.com/