Dale Borglum – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 40 – Gateways to Presence

gateways to presence

On this episode of Healing at the Edge, Dale talks about the practice of tantra, and how to use sensation and gratitude as gateways to the qualities of presence and openness.

The Path of Tantra

Before we can get to the gateways of presence, we must first pick a path. Dale talks about taking the path of tantra versus taking the path of yoga.

“Tantra is really much more about being able to see the presence in what is arising.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum

Ram Dass explores the practice of devotional tantra on Here and Now Ep. 153
Flow of Gratitude (5:15)

Gratitude and sensation can both be gateways to presence. Dale shares his current practice of resting in the flow of gratitude for all of life’s experiences, good and bad. He then leads a short meditation designed to cultivate awareness of sensation.

“There is this aliveness, there is this life, there is awakeness, there’s presence that one can be grateful for in each moment.” Ram Dev Dale Borglum

Empty of Self (15:45)

Dale talks about how we’re doing these practices as a way to bring some emptiness to our lives. It is the notion of ‘self’ that gets in the way of the quality of presence. Dale ends the show with a reminder to love the wrathful deities, such as Kali.

“Think how relaxing, what ease there would be in your life, if we began to have the sense that the best form to worship God is every form, that each moment is potentially a worshipful moment.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum

gateways to presence

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