Dale Borglum – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 33 – Developing a Compassionate Heart

compassionate heart

Dale reflects on the nature of suffering, offers contemplations for developing compassion, and defines the qualities of a compassionate heart.

Three Responses to Suffering

Dale opens the show with a reflection on the nature of suffering and the need for self-compassion. He talks about the three responses humans have to suffering, and how each response affects compassion.

“If in fact we are blaming what is happening for our suffering, rather than taking responsibility for what we’re feeling, it will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to have compassion for how that suffering is actually arising.” – Dale Borglum (Ram Dev)

Contemplate to Motivate (19:37)

Dale leads a brief guided practice to help open the heart to suffering. He then offers three contemplations to develop motivation so we can go beyond suffering into compassion.

“This life is precious, this is the only moment in which we can awaken. You can’t awaken tomorrow, you can’t awaken later on, it can only happen right now.” – Dale Borglum (Ram Dev)

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Three Qualities of a Compassionate Heart (30:36)

Dale explores the defining qualities of a compassionate heart. He talks about how hard it is to keep the heart open, and the need to be centered and grounded. Finally, Dale reminds us that pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional.

“The compassionate heart is who we are, even though we have a hard time admitting it because it is so threatening to the ego structure.” – Dale Borglum (Ram Dev)

compassionate heart

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Images via Debbie Marie Arambula and Pxhere