RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 32 – Tonglen Practice

tonglen practice

In this dharma talk, Dale reflects on passion, compassion, and suffering, and leads a compassion meditation called Tonglen practice.

Suffering is Only Suffering

How can we meet suffering with passion and compassion? Dale talks about what genuine compassion is, and how it must be combined with wisdom in order to meet the pain of suffering with an open heart.

“Genuine compassion is based on an autonomous, centered, very alert, awake person being with what is going on there. And what is going on there includes, at the same time, the human suffering, the tragedy of people dying, of children being hungry, of people being shot for no reason, as well as the perfection of karma unfolding. Suffering is only suffering.” – RamDev RamDev

Tonglen Practice: Taking and Sending (9:02)

Dale explains the practice of Tonglen, which is about taking and sending, giving and receiving. Tonglen is a practice of cultivating compassion and loving-kindness, of learning the heart is truly boundless and can contain all the suffering in the universe.

“I’m realizing that my heart is boundless. I’m not fixing anything, I’m taking in that which is most difficult and giving out freely that which is most precious.” – RamDev RamDev

Learn more about Tonglen practice with Lama Surya Das on Awakening Now Ep. 16
Think With an Open Heart (27:55)

Dale wraps up his thoughts on compassion and suffering. He talks about not identifying with the ego, and how the mind is a tool, not the enemy. Finally, Dale asks everyone to check out his work on the Living/Dying Project.

“Compassion does not necessarily stop stop suffering, it makes it bearable and workable. If we think that we’re being compassionate to push suffering away, that is false compassion, it is really not true compassion.” – RamDev RamDev

tonglen practice

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