Dale Borglum – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 29 – Elena Bussolati

Elena Bussolati

Dale Borglum talks about the true meaning of tantra with Elena Bussolati, a yoga teacher and Living/Dying Project adjunct volunteer.

Weaving the Divine

Dale introduces Elena Bussolati, a former student who works with the Living/Dying Project. Dale brings up the topic of tantra, which both he and Elena work with in their practices.

“First of all, tantra literally means to weave. The way I look at that is we’re weaving this quality of the sacred, or the divine, into our everyday life.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum

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The Quantum Mechanics of Maharajji (5:30)

Dale explores how modern quantum mechanics actually agrees with tantra that, in many ways, reality is a function of consciousness. Elena talks about the need to be pragmatic when it comes to this concept of tantra. Later, Dale shares a story about Maharajji showed him that everything, even the bad stuff, is all guru’s grace.

“I used to complain a lot. You will find many things to complain about. Where you put your attention, you make it grow, so you create your reality in some ways. You can really create a vision for yourself.” – Elena Bussolati

Tantric Sex (20:25)

Dale and Elena discuss the misconceptions of tantric sex in the West. It’s not about longer orgasms, it’s about connecting with the divine, just as with the rest of tantra. Finally, Dale shares the practices he’s been doing to cultivate this tantric point of view.

“In sexual tantra, the idea is you get so connected with the divine through the other person that you just rest in that openness.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum

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Images via George Atherton and Pooja Bhakpar