RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 26 – Self-Compassion Practice

RamDev - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 26 - Self-Compassion Practice

RamDev shares a guided meditation practice that creates space for self-compassion and allows us to meet what arises in the mind with clarity.

What is your suffering, your deepest wound? Are you ready to face that suffering head on? If not, then it won’t matter how much meditation we get in, how many books we read or how many different practices we expose ourselves to. In order to truly get free, we must practice self-compassion to let go of what is keeping us stuck in our judgment, fear and anger.

In this special episode of the Healing At The Edge Podcast, Dale guides us through an extended practice that points our awareness and love towards the sensitive places in ourselves that we are resisting.

“This is not the deepest practice – it’s not non-duality, it’s not Dzogchen, it’s not Tantra – but until we can do this, these other practices will be unavailable, except in their most superficial form. Until we can truly feel compassion for the places in us and in those around us that we have been avoiding, denying, rejecting and judging we can talk about God and sing to God all day. There is no shortcut, we can avoid roadblocks and detours but the way to freedom requires meeting the places we are resisting and denying with compassion.

Imagine dying in the place where you have met your deepest wound, where you have felt deep compassion for the places that you pull back. How different that would than dying from a place where those places were unmet, still waiting to be heard. It doesn’t matter how much you have meditated or what books you have read, it really does eventually require meeting those places.” – RamDev RamDev 

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RamDev - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 26 - Self-Compassion Practice

Spiritual practices can help soften shame, confusion, anger, and pain. We often seek the release of meditation, yoga, or chanting and they can soothe the discomfort of fear or self-judgment. But many people get lost in what can be called Spiritual Bypass—when our spiritual identity, beliefs, or practice become a defense to avoid honestly experiencing and processing deep emotional suffering.
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