Dale Borglum – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 24 – Finding Purpose Through Practice

Dale Borglum - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 24 - Finding Purpose Through Practice

This time on the Healing at the Edge Podcast, Dale looks at how our purpose in life has the potential to reveal itself in every moment through spiritual practice.

Show Notes

This Moment is the Practice (Opening) – Once we develop a regular spiritual practice, it is natural to see the time we spend practicing as somehow different from the time we invest in our everyday lives. Dale asks us instead to look at every moment as an opportunity for practice, which can offer perspective to our purpose in life. He offers insight on what the dying process can teach us about living in every moment fully.

“Kabir once said that wherever you are is the entry point into awakening. No matter what your experience might happen to be, each moment is available for this practice.”  – Ram Dev Dale Borglum 

Beyond Pure and Impure (8:00) – We look at the aspect of Tantra yoga that allows us to be with things exactly the way they are, without concepts like good or bad.

“Tantra is going beyond pure and impure. Being able to see what is being experienced as not good or bad – but as reality.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum 

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Coming Back to the Moment (19:10) – Dale shares mantra practice that addresses our sense of separation. When we realize our constant connect to source, we are reminded of what is available in this very moment.

“Can I be present with my reaction to these external circumstances.?” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum 

 Dale Borglum - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 24 - Finding Purpose Through Practice

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