RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 01 – Donnie Nelson, RN

Dale brings on a friend, Donnie Nelson, RN, to talk about finding balance when working with trauma and death.

Donnie is a palliative care nurse in the San Fransisco area. During a moment of crisis, Donnie discovered Dale’s teachings which transformed how Donnie approached his life and career. Hear Donnie’s journey and how his practice has allowed him to better care for his patients and their families in times of crisis and suffering. How does becoming grounded allow us to keep trauma at a distance? In the midst of America’s heated political race, how do we discuss important issues without losing ourselves? Dale and Donnie discuss this and more on this episode of  “Healing at the Edge”.

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Show Notes

02:30 – Donnie gives us a brief introduction to palliative care and how he got involved in the field. We relive a particularly difficult case that pushed Donnie to his limits. Taking a break from palliative care, Donnie discovers Dale’s teachings and begins to work on himself.

07:50 – When we recognize our true calling it is difficult to ignore.  Donnie realized that palliative care was his calling and returned to work with a new approach.

09:05 – Dale talks about becoming grounded and learning to trust. We can keep trauma at a distance by becoming grounded and centered.

13:10 – It is easy to get caught up in the identity of someone’s situation instead of seeing the person themselves. This prevents us from being fully present with that person and giving them our entire selves.

21:35 – Donnie shares a recent struggle he has gone through at the hospital. What does it feel like to tell someone that they are dying? Moments like these are why we have a practice.

26:20 – How has Donnie’s practice changed how he approaches his work as an RN? Dale explains the importance of compassion in our lives and how it affects us.

35:45 – Dale walks us through the practice of the “egg-laying breath”. A quick exercise that allows us to immediately center ourselves. It prevents our minds from being carried away in the moment by intense emotion.

37:30 – When watching the American political process play out it is almost impossible to stay present and keep our hearts open. When we find ourselves closed off it is a gift, though. This shows us where we have room for growth.

Photo via saintfrancisfoundation.org