RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 16 – The Path to Wholeness

RamDev - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 16 - The Path to Wholeness

This week on Healing at the Edge, Dale explores the path to wholeness we must follow if we intend to die consciously.

Show Notes

The Path to Wholeness (Opening) – What is conscious dying? Dale talks about what the idea means to him and why conscious dying is more than just being present for death. He examines the integral relationship between how we consciously we live and how consciously we die.

“Conscious dying isn’t just about being present. You can be present and not be very happy.” – RamDev  

Surrender and the Abyss (5:30) – One of the preliminary teachings in Buddhist practice, one of the Four Mind Turning Truths, is the understanding that one day will most certainly die and we don’t know when. Dale discusses the role that the acceptance of death plays in our identity and our ability to be happy and present.

“Until one comes into intimate contact with death, one’s spiritual practice is of the quality of a dilettante.” – Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Moving Beyond Fear (13:10) –  The first step in conscious living, as a preparation for consciously dying, is finding the courage to become grounded by truly inhabiting our body. He shares a simple practice for overcoming the fear that has us so disconnected.

“The emotion that makes it hard to be grounded is the emotion of fear. Whenever fear arises we almost always project it outwardly and jump into our minds as a way of protecting ourselves from what it is that we are feeling.” – RamDev   

Understanding Boundaries (22:10) – An often overlooked aspect of conscious living is the proper setting of boundaries. Dale looks at how boundaries can be used to include as readily as they can exclude.

How Awake Do You Want to Be? (33:20) – Dale has us ask ourselves if we want the truth or do we want to keep grasping at happiness. How awake do we really want to be?

“There is a joy that transcends happiness and sadness; if it’s happiness we are grabbing at then we are having to juggle with the two. If we are going into the truth, joy will follow.” – RamDev  

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