RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 05 – Healing the Heart

Healing the Heart

Dale discusses healing the heart and staying on the path to God.

On this episode of Healing at the Edge, Dale talks about staying motivated in our practice, how we deal with suffering, and healing the heart with compassion.

The Path (Opening)

The goal of all yoga is to merge with God. Dale discusses how death puts people in that direct relationship with God. He asks us what blocks our heart and prevents us from dying into love.

Dale challenges our fear of death where we identify with our separateness.

“If we really take that as a contemplation into the core of our bones, that we are going to die, but we don’t know when, then it can really add a deep sense of passion and aliveness to our practice, to our meditation, to our saying of mantra.”

Motivation to Practice (7:00)

Dale talks about the hurdles we face in our practice. He discusses the strong motivations we need to keep us focused.

Dealing with Suffering (14:45)

Dale discusses the three possibilities of how to deal with suffering. We tend to push away suffering or get lost in it. There is a third possibility, of meeting suffering with compassion and an open heart. When suffering arises, it is an opportunity to surrender more into love.

“Nothing is a mistake. What we are experiencing now is exactly what you and I need for our next step in healing our heart, in merging into the oneness that is truly who we are.”

Dying into Compassion (22:00)

Compassion can be expressed in two ways. Dale discusses these aspects of compassion. Our true nature is to have compassion for all things in all ways.

Questions from the Audience (36:15)

Dale takes questions from a live audience. In addition to sharing how he began teaching, he discusses how to demonstrate compassion without offending and talks about the meaning of the following Ramprasad Sen poem:

Taking the name of Kali,
Dive deep, O mind,
Into the heart’s fathomless depths,
Where many a gem lies hid
Dive deep and make your way
To Mother Kali’s realm.


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