Comedy and Consciousness w/ Duncan Trussell, Chris Grosso, Lama Surya Das, and Raghu Markus at Deepak Homebase


Live from ABC Deepak Homebase; Duncan Trussell hosts an evening of Comedy and Consciousness.

Duncan Trussell, Chris Grosso, Raghu Markus, and the “Western Lama,” Lama Surya Das sit down for a hilarious chat full of comedy and consciousness. The group gets real about enlightenment, overcoming struggles with practice, and the importance of having the courage to start the journey.

“Sharon Salzberg has a great take on enlightenment. When you are meditating, it is not the moments where you are clear minded. It is the little moments when you remember you are lost in thought; those are little gaps of enlightenment.” – Chris Grosso

Honest perspectives on the spiritual path and plain-spoken insight on how to take the little steps required to improve your life. The story Chris tells of how his practice led him to overcome addiction and through recovery is a testament to its effectiveness. The wisdom that Raghu has shared with Duncan inspired and carried him through the sadness of loss. Lama Surya also shows an example of how the deeper you journey into personal practice, the more balanced, loving, and impactful on others you become.

“The courage to do anything a little different, that’s the beginning of change. ” – Lama Surya Das

Keep up with Duncan on Twitter and check out his podcast the Duncan Trussell Family Hour.” Podcasts from Raghu, Chris, and Lama Surya Das can be found on the Be Here Now Network and keep up with them online at The Indie Spiritualist and