Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 69 – Chris Dyer

Chris Grosso - The Indie Spiritualist - Ep. 69 - Chris Dyer

Visionary artist Chris Dyer visits the show to talk about art as a transformative practice, exploring different spiritual paths and healing with plant medicines.

Chris Dyer is a Peruvian born artist based in Montreal, Quebec, who exhibits, performs and teaches his art worldwide. Though his styles, mediums and subject matters are always in flow, the main theme seen through his artwork is cultural and spiritual oneness of humanity and beyond. Check out Chris’s art and upcoming workshops at

Show Notes

Positive Creations (Opening) – Chris Dyer shares his history and how his relationship with art has evolved over the years. He talks about the influence that skateboarding culture has had on his art and his life.

“Skateboarding has a dear place in my heart, it is more than this cool thing that society has commercialized and made superficial and hip. For me, it was always this underground rebel activity that misfits like ourselves would do to find some freedom.” – Chris Dyer

A Boundless Way (23:25) – We hear about how reconnecting with nature allowed Chris to find his identity and spiritual path. He talks about seeking spirituality outside of a cultural structure, while also remaining open to and respecting what other traditions have to offer. The two talk about art as a spiritual practice, developing a daily practice and the struggle of maintaining that routine when life gets chaotic.

“I learned more about true spirituality once I went tree planting at age 21. I went to the north of Canada for a couple of months and would plant trees in places that were deforested. That’s when I started to realize that this is what the planet is about, nature. There were no buildings, no culture, just these insects and trees, and I asked who am I in relation to all that.” – Chris Dyer               

Music and Medicine (44:55) – Chris talks about his relationship with plant medicines, like ayahuasca, and the role they have played in his life and work. He shares his initial resistance to using these substances and what his first experience with ayahuasca was like.

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Image via Chris Dyer